Committee Membership

Be active and make a difference in your association by volunteering on a MIRA committee.

Most committee appointments are one year in duration, in accordance with the bylaws, starting on October 1st of each year. It is asked that committee members, in accepting appointments, attend all meetings. Should you be unable to attend 3 meetings in a row, you will be excused from the committee.

Bylaws: MEETS AS NEEDED. This group reviews the association by-laws to assure they are compliant with the national association by-law mandates and are in line with our business practices. Please sign up if you want to participate in this Bylaws task force.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI): MEETS 2ND THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 2:00PM. This committee embraces a sense of belonging within the community, removing barriers to home ownership and the real estate profession by providing educational opportunities, DEI initiatives and community outreach.

Education (Task Force): MEETS AS NEEDED. This task force is for you if you love helping expand our members' education experience. Plans and coordinates continuing education programs and miscellaneous educational seminars throughout the year. Please sign up if you want to participate in this Education task force.

Election Committee: Conducts/Monitors the annual election of officers and directors.

Finance: BI-MONTHLY, MEETS THURSDAY AT 9:30AM. Reviews the monthly financial statements and monitors the financial assets of the Association; prepares the annual budget for the Board of Directors.

Forms: MEETS 2ND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 2:00PM. Made up of managing brokers, this committee reviews association transaction documents and contracts to ensure members have the best forms for the business needs. They also develop new forms to aid in the ease of transactions.

Future: MEETS AS NEEDED. 3 to 5 person committee that briefs the board of directors with recommendations on how the association needs to (or not) adapt to industry, technology and economic changes. This is a two year position with staggered terms. How you qualify: You are a news hound excited by change with a willingness to teach and share. You are a big picture person. This group is made up of agents and Designated Brokers diverse in experience, age and culture. Your news subscriptions will be covered by the association and 1 person from this group will travel to an industry conference each year. Executive Leadership will interview candidates for this committee.

Grievance: MEETS AS NEEDED. Investigates complaints received from members and/or members of the public regarding possible violations of the Code of Ethics, reviews requests for arbitration, and recommends further action by the Professional Standards Committee as appropriate for each situation. Appointees must attend the one-day IAR training seminar “every other year” usually held in January each year in Springfield.)

Hall of Fame: Past recipients meet yearly for nominations and selection of Hall of Fame winner.

Membership & Events: MEETS 2ND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 11:00AM. This committee helps bring our value proposition to the members by finding ways to engage our members and bring meaningful opportunities to them. Recruits affiliates and updates their program. Reviews new member applications and sends to the Board for Approval. Plans new member and affiliate activities.

Nominating/Leadership Committee: Meets prior to the annual elections to determine nominees and create the ballot for officers and directors.

Personnel & Policy: Past Presidents help Board of Directors establish guidelines, policies & procedures for general functioning of the Association and serves as consultative body in personnel matters.

Public Relations/REALTOR® Promotion/Equal Opportunity: MEETS 1ST WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 2:00PM. A very active committee that promotes favorable publicity for the Association, its members, and the real estate industry. Develops and promotes a positive image of the REALTOR® by encouraging Member participation in activities that better the community. The EQUAL OPPORTUNITY role serves as an educational source to the membership in promoting and maintaining equal opportunity in housing in the community and promotes compliance with NAR guidelines in fair housing matters.

RPAC/Governmental Affairs: MEETS 2ND WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 10:30AM. Develops and promotes REALTOR® involvement in the political process at the local, state and national levels. Members coordinate the Association's annual RPAC fundraising activities to help elect candidates who support property rights and the free enterprise system. Members meet annually with area legislators at the Capitol Conference in Springfield.

Realtor of the Year: Past recipients meet yearly for nominations and selection of ROTY.

Strategic Planning: MEETS AS NEEDED. Evaluates the progress of the association based on member input, industry trends, and goals. Develops a plan for the association to make sure it stays relevant, healthy and provides value to all its members.

MIRA-YPN Advisory Council - Young Professionals Network: MEETS 1ST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT 1:00PM. YPN develops and delivers regular programs and events designed to give young leaders the opportunity to exchange ideas, grow professionally, share common interests while gaining an insider's view of the business and serve their communities