Dispute Resolution

Real Estate has changed. But our commitment to protect homeowners and private property rights never will.

The business of real estate has changed dramatically in the century since REALTORS® created the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. But the Code has served as a steadfast reminder of the duties REALTORS® have to clients, customers, and the public even as it evolves with the times. In today’s technology-driven world, REALTORS® have a guide that spells out what’s right and wrong when it comes to social media, listing displays, data privacy, copyright protection, and other quickly changing issues, because the Code, along with the Standards of Practice (which fleshes out the concepts established in the Code principles), are kept up to date by NAR’s Professional Standards Committee.

Real estate transactions are multifaceted and sometime issues can arise. For members of the public, it can be a helpful to have someone who understands real estate practices and can answer basic questions or work to settle minor disputes. MIRA works with consumers to assist them in figuring out their options resolve disputes. Any member of the public or a MIRA member who has a question about or dispute with a MIRA REALTOR® member can contact our CEO for assistance with the process.